Addressing capability gaps in Armoured Mobility on NATO's Eastern Frontier

Last year Romania’s government signed an agreement to boost defense spending to 2% of GDP by 2017, and maintain that level for the next decade. This is largely in response to the threat posed by Russia, who's actions have served as a wake-up call to nations in the region; first invading Georgia in 2008 and later Ukraine in 2014.  

Throughout the region there is a renewed focus on armament modernisation programmes, as well as a new emphasis on regional and multinational training exercises and collective defense. Because of this the European armoured vehicles market is now estimated to lead the world, in terms of demand, over the next 10 years and, as such, the region will account for approximately a third of the global requirement.

In light of these factors, we invite you to join us at Armoured Vehicles Eastern Europe 2017 being held in Hungary. The conference provides a formal intellectual environment to discuss with peers and colleagues the subject of armoured vehicle deployment, procurement, cooperation, and sustainment in Eastern Europe.

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Armour requirements and procurement processes

Enhancing Survivability and Protection


Improving Vehicle Mobility and Firepower

case studies of armoured vehicles in battlefield operations

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